ATI Lighting – LED Powermodule (WiFi-Enabled): How to Perform a Factory Reset

Just like a work computer, sometimes the best solution to an unusual behavior or issue with your device is by rebooting the system or performing a factory reset.  Perhaps you forgot your user name and/or password, purchased the fixture second hand or it has been demonstrating other unusual behavior.

A factory reset is a great way to start fresh and resolve these types of issues for the ATI LED Powermodule Hybrid Fixture (Wifi-Enabled).

Here are a few things to keep in mind prior to performing a factory reset:

  • Please ensure you have saved your current light program prior to resetting the fixture.
  • All settings including your user name, password, fan settings and time zone will be removed.
  • Your current light program will be removed and replaced with the factory default program.
  • Any custom LED colors you have created will be removed. All standard colors will be restored to factory default settings.
  • The User Name / Password will be reset to admin / admin.

Step 1: Save Your Current Lighting Program

Select the “File” button, name your file and then select the location on your local computer where you want to save it. Please note: the “Save” button to the left of “File” does NOT actually save file.

Step 2: Reset the Fixture

Take a paperclip, straighten it out and depress the small pin reset hole near the ethernet port on the Control Box for 10 seconds, then release.

Inserting a pin into the LED Powermodule (WiFi-Enabled)

Step 3: Wait for Restart

The Control Box can take several minutes to restart, reboot and begin broadcasting a WiFi network again. You will know it is ready when both green LEDs near the ethernet port (one to the left and one to the right) are solid green. This can take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Observing the status of an LED Powermodule (WiFi-Enabled)

Step 4: Complete Initial Setup Procedure

  1. Connect the Control Box to a computer.
    1. Via WiFi: Open your wireless settings and connect to “ATI-Fixture.” While you are connected wirelessly, you will not be able to access your normal wireless internet connection.
    2. Via Ethernet: Connect an Ethernet cable from the port of your computer to the port on the Control Box.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3. Log in using the default user name and password (admin / admin).
  4. Select your preferred language.
  5. Set a new user name and password (you can use the same combination you used prior to resetting the device).
  6. Choose your type of lamp:
    1. 24” fixture = 1 module (1x75W)
    2. 36” fixture = 2 module (2x75W)
    3. 48” fixture = 3 module (3x75W)
    4. 60” fixture = 4 module (4x75W)
  7. Run a self-test.
  8. Save Settings.
  9. Log in again, this time using your new user name and password.
  10. Open the “Settings” tab and set the fan value.  Do NOT skip this step or your fixture may overheat and cause damage.
    1. For a 4 or 6 bulb fixture, enter the number “5”
    2. For a 8 bulb fixture, enter the number “7”

Please Note: If you are troubleshooting a programming issue, please do NOT immediately re-install your custom program after resetting your fixture. To rule out programming as the cause of any issues, please run the default program and see if you are still experiencing the same issue. If the fixture works without any problems under the default program settings, then your issues are being caused by your custom program.

Your fixture reset is now complete! Of course, if you need additional assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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