ATI Straton How to Update Firmware

ATI Straton: How to Update the Firmware

The ATI Straton light works best with the latest firmware. Updating the firmware ensures the most reliable and up-to-date functionality and features. Please carefully follow all steps below. Failing to follow all steps could damage the controller software or controller hardware.

STEP 1: Save Program & Download Firmware

Update: 1.3
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 1.3
Update: 1.2
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 1.2
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 1.1
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 1.1

1. Save Current Program: Download your current version of the light program and colors as a backup in case of errors or possible resets during the firmware update. 

Click on “Chart” followed by the “File” button. In the pop-up window, click the “Download” button. The software will create an “ATI.Settings.json” file in the Downloads folder. Rename this file with today’s date and move it to a safe and easy-to-remember place on your computer or smart device.

2. Download Current Firmware: Go to ATI North America Support Page and download the latest firmware under “Straton LED” to your computer or smart device. Selecting this link will download a tar Archive file (.tar) into the Downloads folder of your computer or smart device.

STEP 2: Install the New ATI Straton Firmware Update

Update: 2.2
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 2.2
Update: 2.1
ATI Straton Firmware Update: 2.1

1. Open Firmware Update: Within the Straton application, click on “Settings” (located within the drop-down menu on the upper right on mobile devices) and scroll down to the Firmware-Update section and “Choose File.”

2. Select New Firmware: Locate the tar file in your Downloads folder that you previously downloaded containing the latest firmware, open the file and then select the “Run” button.

3. Update Firmware: A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm the firmware update. Verify that you have selected the correct firmware file and then click “Apply.” While the firmware is updating, a status bar will be displayed showing the progress of the update. Do NOT close or cancel the update while it is running, as this may damage the control unit on your Straton.

4. Refresh: Upon completion, the software should automatically redirect to the login page. If this does not happen, refresh the browser.

STEP 3: Confirm Installation

1. Confirm Installation of New Firmware: Once back in the Straton application, go to “Settings” and confirm that the firmware version listed matches the name of the file you just installed.

2. Confirm Light Program: Verify your light program, colors, and other settings have successfully transferred. In most cases, these settings should transfer over to the new firmware without issue. If that did not happen, upload your backup program file by navigating to Charts -> File -> Upload and then selecting ATI.Settings.json.

As always, if you have any trouble in this process, please reach out to our support team here.

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