Straton LED Fixture Coming Soon

ATI Straton LED: Coral Optimized Reef Lighting


The highly anticipated, ATI Straton LED, is unlike any other LED light fixture on the market. The ATI Straton features a significantly larger light area than most other fixtures on the market allowing it to imitate the proven results of T5 lighting. The result is a uniform blanket of light which lessens coral shading and improves coral growth and color.

Let’s go over what the ATI Straton LED has to offer:

Light Specs:

  • Physical Size: 18.5” x 18.5” (470 mm x 470 mm)
  • Height / Thickness: 0.5”
  • Light Area Size: 15.7” x 15.7” (400 mm x 400 mm)
  • Light Coverage Area: Up to 30” x 30”
  • Power Consumption: Up to 230 Watts
  • Total LEDs: 153
  • Weight: 9.4 lbs (Fixture only)

LED Colors:

Straton LED Colors
  • 18 x UV 405nm
  • 18 x Violet 420nm
  • 18 x Royal Blue 450 nm
  • 36 x Blue 470nm
  • 36 x White
  • 18 x Cyan 500nm
  • 9 x Red

Light Coverage:

ATI Straton: Light Coverage

The goal of the Straton is to mimic the proven performance of T5 lighting. The large light area illuminates a large area in the tank and produces a more soft, diffuse light illuminating corals from all sides with fewer shadows. This is especially important for providing larger SPS Corals with optimal light coverage.


Customize your lights with 7 different independent color channels and 3 independently controllable sections.  Each controllable section allows you to vary lighting intensity for your corals specific needs. Virtually unlimited adjustment of LED colors.

Choose the factory installed program for an easy plug and play solution or create your own program for a customizable look. Easily share programs with other fixtures in your network.

WiFi Accessible:

Control your light wirelessly from your phone, computer or other device. Works with any web browser.

Quiet and Cool:

No fans needed. Due to the large surface and the extremely flat design, the entire fixture acts like a large heat sink. Built-in protection circuit automatically reduces power if the temperature exceeds 56 degrees Celsius (133 Fahrenheit) ensuring the fixture never gets too hot.

Built-in Diffuser:

Straton Diffuser

The built-in diffuser blends the colors for a consistent lighting color output and virtually eliminates all color separation. Additionally, it helps eliminate the hotspots commonly found in other LED lights.

Clean, Modern Look

ATI Straton: Clean Modern Look

It’s thin, sleek profile is sure to capture the attention of any hobbyist looking for a clean, modern light to show off above their tank.


Backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty and lifetime US based support.

German Made:

Designed and built in Germany from the manufacturers of the industry leading SunPower and Dimmable SunPower T5 Light fixtures.

Click here to learn more about this exciting new light!

The ATI Straton is a coral optimized reef light designed to produce similar results to T5 lighting. Its large light area and diffused output produce a uniform blanket of light that is optimal for coral growth and health.

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