Essentials Pro FAQs

Essentials Pro FAQs

Looking for ATI Essentials Pro FAQs? If you have questions, we’ve already got you covered! Below are our most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you don’t find your question below or need further guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

1. What is in Essentials Pro 2-Part?

Essentials Pro is an easy-to-use, 2-part additive for reef aquariums containing 28 major, minor and trace elements. Designed to be dosed in equal parts, it provides all major elements, including calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity, and all essential minor and trace elements, including iodine and strontium.

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2. How is Essentials Pro different from other dosing regimens?

Many 2-part dosing regimens only contain calcium, magnesium, and alkalinity, and those that have the minor and trace elements included can use as many as seven bottles. ATI Essentials Pro incorporates all of these in just two bottles. With Essentials Pro, there are no complex dosing calculations needed; simply test your Alkalinity and adjust your dosage accordingly. Most users will dose each part of the system equally.

3. Should I dilute or dose straight from the bottle?

There are pros and cons to each method. Diluting is less risky and more accurate; however, it will require larger containers to hold the liquid or more frequent refills. If your aquarium requires a small amount of Essentials Pro, it is best to dilute it to improve dosing accuracy. For example, if your aquarium requires 10 mL per day, ½ ml over or under dose is a substantial percentage of your daily needs. If you dilute it 5x to 50 mL per day, now being ½ ml over or under is far less critical. If, on the other hand, your aquarium requires 50 mL per day, diluting by 5x would require much larger containers to hold all the fluid without much of a safety benefit. If you dilute, it is necessary to keep a consistent dilution ratio over time.

4. How to calculate the starting dosage?

Visit our handy calculator, add your total water volume and tank type, and select whether you will be using the product diluted or straight out of the bottle. Each tank’s needs are different, so it is critical to test your alkalinity daily and adjust your dosage accordingly until you achieve a stable dosing volume.

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5. How to adjust dosage?

We have a handy calculator for that too. Simply enter your tank size, current dose, and change in alkalinity (KH) to adjust your current dosage. 

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6. Do I have to dose it with a dosing pump? Can I dose it by hand 1x per day?

While you can dose by hand, we highly recommend using a dosing pump to ensure steady, consistent and accurate dosing. We also recommend that you break your dose into multiple doses throughout the day. Dosing a small amount at a time throughout the day results in more consistent water parameters. Dosing larger amounts less often will result in large swings in your water parameters.

7. What type of aquariums are best suited for using ATI Essentials Pro?

Essentials Pro is ideal for aquariums SPS dominate or mixed reef tanks with hard corals. Tanks with very little to no calcium and alkalinity consumption like those with soft corals and anemones only, should not use Essentials Pro.

8. Can the 2 bottles be dosed at the same time?

No, dosing on the two highly concentrated parts should be at least 5 minutes apart and ideally farther apart. If you add the two components simultaneously, they can react and precipitate out of the water. Always dose in a high flow area, like your sump.

9. How should bottles of Essentials Pro be stored?

To prevent precipitation, store the product at room temperature of 68° F or higher. Keep the bottles upright and always shake vigorously before use.

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