How to Read Your ATI Labs Results

ATI Labs offers ICP+ testing to give you the best picture of your tank’s health. Your results are reviewed by PhD scientists, who offer personalized dosing recommendations for your tank’s specific makeup through your online portal.

The amount of data presented in your ATI Labs results can be overwhelming at first. We’ve written a fast breakdown to help you know where to look for the items you need, and find any trouble spots needing your attention quickly.

Quality Index:

The quality index (QI) is the first thing you’ll see when you open your ATI Labs results. This is a percentage (from 0 to 100) representing how close the composition of your water sample is to natural sea water.

Score Bars:

To the side of the quality index, you’ll see four score bars, tracking the quantity data from the groups of major elements, minor elements, pollutants and base values in your water. The score bars are color-coded, green (good) to red (bad) for a quick, clear look about what groups might need your attention. Your results are also divided by these four sections below.


The symbol column provides information on the name of the measured value.


The value column contains the measured value of the element in your water sample.

Calculated Reference Value:

The calculated reference value corresponds to the ideal value of the element depending on the measured salinity of your water sample. Ideal elemental concentration in seawater is proportional to its salinity- the higher salinity, the higher the concentrations of individual elements should be in proportion.


This is the calculated difference in between the measured value and reference value of each element. Positive signs (+) indicate the element is reading above where it should be, negative signs (-) indicate the element is in a lower concentration than it should be.


This is a simple graphical representation of the difference in your values. A green checkmark indicates the rating is within a natural range for its value, and will be well-tolerated by your coral. Arrows pointing up indicate over-concentration, arrows pointing down indicate a deficit in element.

ATI Recommends:

This field won’t be present on every result- only those that are out of natural range. These recommendations are generated to indicate what measures you should take to correct deviant element values.


The recommendations tab at the top of your analysis gives you a personalized prescription for correcting any imbalance in your tank. It’s divided into two sections, dosing recommendations and corrective measures.

With this guide, you’re now prepared to use your ATI Labs results to the fullest, helping your coral to healthier, more beautiful growth.

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