How to Get ATI Essentials Pro Back into Solution

ATI Essentials Pro is a comprehensive elemental dosing system for your reef aquarium that comes in two parts. Most of the time, these solutions are ready to use out of the bottle, however, if they have been exposed to extreme temperatures in transit, one or both of the solutions might have precipitated. Unlike other solutions, precipitation in ATI Essentials Pro is no problem! If your bottles of Essentials Pro contain any precipitate, follow one of the two methods below before dosing your tank:

Option #1 – Dilute and Circulate (Recommended Option)

  1. Pour Essentials Pro #1 it in to your chosen container. Please also carefully remove any precipitate from the bottom of the bottle (you may need to cut open the bottle to do this) and add to the same container.
  2. Add RODI to your container and stir to combine. For 2L Essentials Pro, add 8L of RODI and for 10L Essentials Pro, add 40L of RODI. Add a small powerhead to your container to circulate the water and run it until all precipitate has dissolved completely.
  3. Repeat in a separate container with Essentials Pro #2.

Option #2 – Heat and Circulate

  • Submerge each bottle of Essentials Pro up to the neck (right below cap) in a warm bath with a temperature of at least 75 and no more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Add an aquarium heater or other submersible heater to the bath to maintain temperature in the 75-150 degree range. Please be careful that the heater does not come into contact with the bottle, as this may cause the plastic bottle to become damaged or leak. Please do not warm the solution on a stovetop or external burner as it can damage the product.
  • Add a milk frother or coffee stirrer to neck of bottle as shown to provide continuous water movement. Check on milk frother/coffee stirrer regularly as it may overheat and turn off. If your milk frother is cordless, the batteries may need to be replaced multiple times during this process.
  • Shake bottle regularly. At a minimum of 3-4 times per day, place one hand on either end of the bottle as shown in the image and gently agitate it. For 10L bottle, please do not shake bottle using blue plastic handle as this can break.
  • When your bottles are completely clear, and all the precipitate has dissolved, proceed to dosing Essentials Pro according to your regular plan.


Use of Essentials Pro prior to it being completely back in solution will change the concentration of the product, which may have detrimental effects on tank health.

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