It’s Easy to Determine the Right Dosage of ATI Essentials Pro 2 Part System

Starting a new dosing system can be stressful and confusing. We want to make it as easy as possible. 

With ATI Essentials Pro, you dose only two liquids in equal parts. This simple, yet comprehensive system provides 28 necessary elements that your reef will love. 

Dosing calculators make it even easier.

If you think 2 parts sounds simple, we’ve introduced two new dosing calculators to make it even easier to calculate the right dosage for your tank.

Visit to view our helpful calculators.

  • The green calculator will help you determine your starting dosage for ATI Essentials Pro.
  • The blue calculator will help you to adjust your dose of ATI Essentials Pro, once you have been using it for a while. 

We recommend testing calcium and magnesium (Ca and Mg) periodically. However, since ATI Essentials Pro utilizes the change in your alkalinity to determine the proper dose, it is typically the only item you need to test. You will want to test alkalinity daily at the same time of day.

  • If you notice a change of 0.3 dkH or more, use the calculator to determine the dosage adjustment. 
  • If you see a change of 0.2 or less, record this value and continue to test until an upward or downward trend emerges. 

Whether, you are switching from another brand, a calcium reactor or using a simple 2-part system, these calculators will help manage your dose to give you the best results. 

Visit to bring your reef to the next level with ATI Essentials Pro.

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