Powered By ATI Featured Aquarium: @javisreef

Powered By ATI Featured Aquariums: @javisreef

Today’s Powered By ATI Featured Aquarium comes to us from @javisreef in Germany! This tank is packed to the brim with a stunning variety of coral species in every imaginable color. Javi also has invested in a great selection of ATI equipment, including our T5 bulbs, dosing pump, Essentials Pro, Nutrition, and ICP testing. Clearly, this method is working, and be sure to drop Javi a follow!

About @javisreef


Social Media Profile: @javisreef on Instagram

Location: Germany

Years in the Hobby: Three Years

Type of Tank: Eheim Incpiria 300

Favorite Coral: Gold Torch

Favorite Fish: Zebrasoma Xanthurum

Aquarium Specs

Tank Size: 100cm x 55cm x 65cm (39” x 22” x 26”)


Tank Volume: 350 Liters (92 Gallons)

Lighting: Hybrid fixture with ATI T5 Bulbs

Sump: Included Eheim Sump

Skimmer: NYOS Quantum 160

Other Filtration: NYOS Torq 1.0 Reactor

Return Pump: Ecotech Vectra M

Powerheads/Water Circulation: Eheim Stream & Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6040 & 6055

Dosing Equipment: ATI D-6 Dosing Pump


Dosing Container: None

Controller: None

ATO: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152

Primary Dosing (Ca/Alk/Mg): ATI Essentials Pro

Other Additives (Nutrients, Trace Elements, Other): ATI Nutrition


Secrets to Success:  Do everything calmly, and don‘t throw everything wildly into the aquarium. Thinking twice about everything you are doing before adding it to your aquarium is best.

Goals for the Future: Like most hobbyists, my goal is to have a bigger and better aquarium!

If you’d like us to showcase your “Powered By ATI” tank in a future article, please tag us in your posts on Instagram and let us know what ATI equipment is powering your reef. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may make the cut!

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