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Powered By ATI Featured Aquariums: @riky_reef

For our inaugural Powered By ATI tank feature, we are taking a trip to Italy to look at Riccardo’s stunning 500-liter mixed reef tank. Riccardo’s system features two tanks, a primary display tank with plenty of fish and coral diversity, and a smaller tank built right into the stand. Both systems run off the same filtration. Two ATI Straton’s illuminate the main display. The Straton’s produce enough output and a balanced spectrum capable of keeping SPS happy while at the same time not overwhelming the LPS and soft corals in the tank.

Image courtesy of @riky_reef
Image courtesy of @riky_reef

About @riky_reef

Social Media Profile: @riky_reef on Instagram

Location: Southern Italy

Years in the Hobby: 3 years of keeping saltwater aquariums

Type of Tank: Mixed Reef

Favorite Coral: Acropora Tenuis

Favorite Fish: Regal Angelfish

Aquarium Specs

Image courtesy of @riky_reef
Image courtesy of @riky_reef

Tank Size: 120 x 60 x 60 cm (47” x 24” x 24”)

Tank Volume: 500 Liters (132 Gallons)

Lighting: 2x ATI Straton LED Fixtures

Sump: 90 x 50 x 50 cm Custom Build (36” x 20” x 20”)

Skimmer: Bubble King Mini 200

Other Filtration: None

Return Pump: Sicce Syncra 5.0

Powerheads/Water Circulation: Ecotech Vortech MP40

Dosing Equipment: Jebao Dosing Pump

Image courtesy of @riky_reef
Image courtesy of @riky_reef

Dosing Container: Custom Built

Controller: None

ATO: None

Primary Dosing (Ca/Alk/Mg): 4-Part Modern Reef Balling System

Other Additives (Nutrients, Trace Elements, Other): Coral Food & Iodine

ICP Testing: ATI ICP Test once per month

Secrets to Success: All the beauty within a reef tank takes time to create. Keep your hands out of the tank and let nature take its course.
Goals for the Future: Continue to let this system grow naturally. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a potential new tank build in the future!

We are confident that Riccardo will continue to succeed in reefkeeping with his approach and dedication to allowing his system to flourish naturally. Follow @riky_reef on Instagram to keep up to date on his stunning reef.

If you’d like us to showcase your “Powered By ATI” tank in a future article, please tag us in your posts on Instagram and let us know what ATI equipment is powering your reef. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may make the cut!

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