Image courtesy of @rs.reef

Powered by ATI Featured Aquariums: @rs.reef

Our next featured Powered By ATI tank comes to us from Rafael in Portugal. @rs.reef’s stunning systems are filled to the brim with colorful coral and incredible fish species. Even at just 33 gallons of volume, Rafael still has a coral that would please any reefer. Learn more about @rs.reef’s system below, and perhaps you will be struck with some inspiration to make changes to your reef.

About @rs.reef

Image courtesy of @rs.reef
Image courtesy of @rs.reef

Social Media Profile: @rs.reef on Instagram

Location: Portugal

Years in the Hobby: Six years

Type of Tank: Mixed Reef

Favorite Coral: Euphyllia Glabrecens/ Torches

Favorite Fish: Achilles Tang

Aquarium Specs

Tank Size: 50 X 50 X 50 cm

Image courtesy of @rs.reef
Image courtesy of @rs.reef

Tank Volume: 125 Liters/ 33 Gallons

Lighting: Ecotech Radion XR15 Gen 5

Sump: ~45 Liters

Skimmer: TMC V2 400 Protein Skimmer

Other Filtration: Refugium with Macroalgae

Return Pump: Bubble Magus WP-2000

Powerheads/Water Circulation: Jebao MLW 20

Dosing Equipment: None

Dosing Container: None

Image courtesy of @rs.reef
Image courtesy of @rs.reef

Controller: D-D Dual Heating and Cooling Temperature Controller

ATO: None

Primary Dosing (Ca/Alk/Mg): ATI Essentials Pro

Other Additives (Nutrients, Trace Elements, Other): Aquaforest Trace Elements, ABEV, Fish V and Bio S, Easyreefs Easy Booster, and Reef-Roids twice a week

ICP Testing: ATI ICP-OES Testing

Secrets to Success:  I think the only secret is to care about your tank. If you invest in your tank, you will be able to fully understand it and keep it stable. Do your tests regularly, keep your hands out of the tank, and don’t chase numbers. Let the ecosystem develop and work its magic.

Goals for the Future: For now, I would like to cover every spot of my rockscape with coral. That said, I hope to fill in the blank areas of the rockscape with zoanthid species I already have. Then I will consider upgrading my equipment, my tank, and create a balanced system with more LPS and SPS.

If you’d like us to showcase your “Powered By ATI” tank in a future article, please tag us in your posts on Instagram and let us know what ATI equipment is powering your reef. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may make the cut!

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