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Powered By ATI Featured Aquariums: @tet_reef

Our next #PoweredByATI aquarium comes to us from Barcelona, Spain. @tet_reef has a new mixed reef that is starting to become a genuinely stunning system. Tet didn’t skip any steps when building this beauty. Two ATI Straton’s illuminate this 114-gallon system, and they will be providing excellent coral health, growth, and color for years to come.

About @tet_reef

Image courtesy of @tet_reef
Image courtesy of @tet_reef

Social Media Profile: @tet_reef

Location: Castellgalí, Barcelona, Spain

Years in the Hobby: Four months with my current tanks, but I’ve been interested in the hobby for more than ten years.

Type of Tank: Mixed Reef

Favorite Coral: Acanthophyllia

Favorite Fish: Naso Elegans

Aquarium Specs

Image courtesy of @tet_reef
Image courtesy of @tet_reef

Tank Size: 43” x 28” x 24” (110 x 70 x 60cm)

Tank Volume: 114 Gallons (430L)

Lighting: Two ATI Stratons

Sump: 24” x 26” custom sump (60 x 65cm)

Skimmer: UltraReef UKS200

Other Filtration: Seadreams Biobox

Return Pump: Ecotech Vectra M2

Powerheads/Water Circulation: Two Ecotech Vortech MP40

Image courtesy of @tet_reef
Image courtesy of @tet_reef

Dosing Equipment: H2Ocean P4 Pro Dosing Pump

Dosing Container: None

Controller: Neptune Apex & Trident

ATO: AutoAqua Smart ATO Duo

Primary Dosing (Ca/Alk/Mg): Triton Core 7

Other Additives (Nutrients, Trace Elements, Other): Triton Trace Elements

ICP Testing: Triton ICP

Secrets to Success:  Always be patient with any changes or additions I make to my aquarium.

Goals for the Future: My goal for the future is to further color up all of the LPS and SPS within my aquarium.

If you’d like us to showcase your “Powered By ATI” tank in a future article, please tag us in your posts on Instagram and let us know what ATI equipment is powering your reef. Keep your eyes peeled, and you may make the cut!

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