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Our next Powered By ATI tank is located in Coral Springs, Florida. The system is courtesy of Rocky, whose Instagram profile is @thekoralito. Rocky’s system is a stunningly vibrant and alive mixed reef. Additionally, beautifully bright SPS, puffy and waving LPS, and soft corals of any color line every inch of this reef. Therefore, Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram to see some of the beautiful photography Rocky is sharing with us. @thekoralito is getting excellent color and growth from an ATI T5 hybrid fixture with ATI T5 bulbs. Rocky also keeps a close eye on the system using ATI ICP-OES Testing, which will showcase any out-of-range elements.

About @thekoralito

Image courtesy of @thekoralito
Image from @thekoralito

Social Media Profile: @thekoralito on Instagram

Location: Coral Springs, Florida

Years in the Hobby: Three years in the saltwater hobby, but has been keeping freshwater aquariums for many years.

Type of Tank: Mixed Reef in a Custom Peninsula Tank

Favorite Coral: SPS

Favorite Fish: Tangs/ Surgeonfish

Aquarium Specs

Image courtesy of @thekoralito
Image from @thekoralito

Tank Size: 60” X 36” X 29”

Tank Volume: 270 Gallons

Lighting: T5 Hybrid Fixture

Sump: Custom 80 Gallon Sump with Refugium

Skimmer: Royal Exclusiv Vertex Alpha 300

Other Filtration: Socks & Filter Pads

Return Pump: Reeflo

Powerheads/Water Circulation: Seaswirl Oscillator, IceCap Gyre 4K, Hydor Koralia

Dosing Equipment: Neptune Systems DOS

Image courtesy of @thekoralito
Image from @thekoralito

Dosing Container: Simplicity Aquatics Dosing Container

Controller: Neptune Systems Apex & Trident

ATO: Neptune Systems ATK

Primary Dosing (Ca/Alk/Mg): BRS 2-Part Dosing System

Other Additives (Nutrients, Trace Elements, Other): Reefmoonshiners

ICP Testing: ATI ICP Testing

Secrets to Success: Keeping the water chemistry of the aquarium stable is how I’ve been able to successfully keep my reef tank. With that said, consistent at-home water testing and performing ICP tests through ATI have also helped a lot.

Goals for the Future: I would eventually like to create a fully automated system that will require as little maintenance as possible. Additionally, I will continue to try and create the perfect environment for my livestock. If you’d like us to showcase your “Powered By ATI” tank in a future article, please tag us in your posts on Instagram and let us know what ATI equipment is powering your reef. Then, keep your eyes peeled, and you may make the cut!

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