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Our next featured reefer has a stunning mixed reef with some brilliantly colored SPS corals. Even at a compact 60 gallons, this reefer has found a method that clearly works for them. Give @vibinreef a follow to stay up to date on all of the developments within their reefkeeping journey. Be sure to stay tuned for more aquariums that are powered by ATI.

Image Courtesy of @vibinreef

About @vibinreef

Social Media Profile: @vibinreef

Location: Miami, FL

Years in the Hobby: I started in 2010 to 2014, took a break, and came back stronger in 2022.

Type of Tank: Waterbox Marine X 90.3

Favorite Coral: Acropora Tenius
Favorite Fish: Powder Blue Tang

Aquarium Specs

Tank Size: 35.4″×19.7″×21.7″

Image Courtesy of @vibinreef

Tank Volume: 60 Gallons

Lighting: AI Hydra 52, AI Hydra 32HD, Aquaticlife T5HO hybrid fixtures with 2x ATI Blue Plus, 2x Coral Plus.

Sump: Waterbox standard Sump 25 gallons

Skimmer: Reef Octopus Classic INT 110

Other Filtration: DIY Chaetomorpha Reactor

Return Pump: Jebao DCP-8000

Powerheads/ Water Circulation: 3X AI Nero 3

Dosing Equipment: RedSea Reefdose 2 head

Dosing Container: Aquarium Choice Acrylic

Controller: Neptune Apex and Trident

Image Courtesy of @vibinreef

ATO: JBJ Nano Dual Optical ATO

Primary Dosing: RedSea Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium

Other Additives: RedSea Trace Colors ABCD, TLF Acropower, Reef Nutrition Phytoplankton, Polylab Reefroids, RedSea Reef Energy Plus.

ICP Testing: ATI ICP-OES once every month.

Secrets to Success: Always loving the hobby. I never feel like it’s a chore to keep up with but more like a fantastic opportunity to preserve and show the beauty of what the ocean has to offer.

Goals for the Future: A goal I strive to reach is the opportunity to teach my son and daughter about ocean preservation and inspire new and experienced reefers to always have a love for the hobby.

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