ATI Straton connection methods

ATI Straton: Connection Methods – Direct vs Network

For our most up-to-date guide for connecting to your ATI Straton, please head to our How to Connect to an ATI Straton resource center article.

The ATI Straton LED needs to be connected to wifi using a wifi-enabled device such as a cell phone, tablet, or computer to take advantage of all its programming features. Whether you’re using one or multiple fixtures, you can accomplish a Straton connection in one of two ways. The first option is to connect directly to the lights with a wifi-enabled device like a cell phone. The second option is to add the lights to your local wireless network.

Method one: connect Straton directly to a WiFi-enabled device

ATI Straton Connection: Direct Method
Straton direct connection

This method allows the user to connect directly to the Straton from a smartphone, tablet, or computer and program it.  This is often the most reliable option; however, it means your device will lose connection with the outside internet while connected to the light. This is a good option for homes with weak wifi signals. Remember that the antenna for your Straton is in the control box, and it can be buried behind water and obstructions that can further weaken the wifi signal. It’s important to know that the connection process will have to be repeated anytime you change your light’s schedule, intensity, or color.

Pros of the Direct Connection MethodCons of the Direct Connection Method
Simpler setup processMust change the wifi settings on your device when accessing light
Fewer chances for mistakesAdds steps to conducting firmware updates
Strong signal not dependant on outside factorsYou will not have access to the internet during programming
Must reconnect if you want to make additional changes to your programming
Pros and cons of the Direct Connection method

Method two: connect Straton via local wireless network

ATI Straton Connection: Network Method
Straton network connection

This method will put your Straton on your home/local wifi network. While this option is ideal for recurring access, it can be more challenging to set up due to the difficulty of wifi signals to pass through your aquarium or sump area.  However, once complete, you can access your Straton while on your home network by using the unique URL for your light. You can also add additional lights to the home/local network. By default, any added lights will mirror the program of the initial fixture connected to the network. For independent control, the lights will need to be set up under different “Groups.”

Pros of the Network Connection MethodCons of the Network Connection Method
No recurring wifi changes to your smart device are neededSetup is dependant on the strength of your wifi signal at home
Makes firmware updates easierRequires a 2.4ghz home wifi signal in order to connect properly
Can make changes to light settings whenever you need
Pros and cons of the Network Connection method

Regardless of which connection method, you select, the capabilities of the ATI Straton allow you to easily change your schedule, intensity, spectrum, and color. While this is an exciting feature, it is essential to recognize that frequently changing your lights settings can negatively impact your coral’s growth. By no means does this mean you should be afraid to make changes, just know that it may stall coral growth in the short term. That being said, making these changes may enable expanded growth in the future. With this concept in mind, you should be ready to get your light connected and programmed.

Selecting the proper method for connection will be dependent on your home wifi integration and your programming preferences. If you want to set your lights’ program and forget it, you may want to choose the direct connection method. On the other hand, if you prefer to tinker with their light settings, the network connection would be your best bet. Regardless of which of these methods works best for your needs, you will be able to program your Straton’s to create the perfect environment in your reef tank. If you have any additional questions about connecting to your Straton or programming it, please contact us at ATI North America.

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