Top Reefkeeping Myths: Big Picture

Top Reefkeeping Myths: Big Picture

Keeping a reef aquarium is an experience like no other, and there is no shortage of ways to enjoy this hobby. In the final part of our Top Reefkeeping Myths series, we examine some common misbeliefs about the reef aquarium hobby as a whole.

Myth #1: A breathtaking reef tank is possible in no time

The first of our reefkeeping myths deal with instant gratification within the aquarium hobby. Two essential factors in creating a stunning reef aquarium are consistency and time. And as is true of many other aspects of life, anything worth having takes time, and keeping a reef aquarium is no different. If all you want to do is immediately fill your tank up with fish and coral and have something pretty to stare at for years, this may not be the hobby for you. Of course, if you don’t want to set it up or take care of it, you can always hire a trained professional to handle that for you. There are no shortcuts that will turn your glass box into a thriving reef overnight, but that is what makes the hobby so rewarding. You will be able to watch your system grow and mature over time, and all of the maintenance and effort you put into it will eventually come to reward you.

SPS Corals
SPS corals can take a long time to grow

Myth #2: There is only one proven way to keep a successful reef tank

With the amount of information within the world of reefkeeping, there is no shortage of techniques and methods that reefers use to keep their systems in peak condition. No matter what you read, watch, or hear from other individuals within the hobby, you must find what works for you through your own experience. One of the most important considerations for creating a successful reef aquarium is how you choose to perform maintenance. Some hobbyists like to perform smaller weekly water changes, whereas others prefer to do more significant biweekly changes. Neither of these choices is better than the other, and a thriving reef tank is possible in both cases. There is no shortage of decisions to make when keeping a reef tank. Regardless of how these decisions are made, as long as you take the proper precautions and practice consistency, you will be well on your way to achieving your reefkeeping goals.

Different paths to success
Different paths to success

Myth #3: I need to upgrade my tank or equipment to achieve my reefing goals

While there is no shortage of new and exciting equipment available in the reefkeeping hobby, you can achieve your goals without splurging for the latest and greatest gear. While you may feel that your equipment is the most crucial consideration for having a thriving reef tank, your approach, mentality, and dedication to consistency are far more critical. Unless your goal is to create a low-nutrient and high-light system, most standard and budget-friendly reefing equipment will be enough for your needs. Investing in high-end equipment may help you avoid further upgrades down the line; however, starting with just the essentials will help you establish proper reefkeeping habits. Adopting good practices from the beginning of your reefkeeping journey will allow you to enjoy and grow alongside your reef tank.

Waterbox INFINIA 125.3
Waterbox INFINIA 125.3 courtesy of Waterbox Aquariums

Putting the Top Reefkeeping Myths to Rest!

We hope this article has put to rest some of the most common reefkeeping myths associated with aquarium corals. If you encounter any pressing questions or you need a recommendation, please contact our support team. If you are interested in learning more about ATI North America’s products for reef tanks, please visit our homepage here.

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