LED Powermodule
LED T5 hybrid aquarium light fixture

LED Powermodule

LED + T5 hybrid lighting to give you the best of both worlds

Thriving Reef Tank


The LED Powermodule is the light you need if you want to super charge your reef. With our top of class output your corals will have all the light they need across a vast spectrum of output. Combine the power and growth of T5 lighting with the convienence and feature set of LED. The LED Powermodule is at the top of all classes of the lighting food chain.

Precision controls

Utilize our most powerful and precise WiFi Control in the all new LED Powermodule. Get the growth of T5 and the shimmer, sunrise, sunset and moonlight output from LEDs. Maximize your output spectrum while offering a easily customizeable color output for your favorite look at any time of the day. Create, save and share custom programs with other WiFi enabled Powermodules.
control screen

WiFi accessible

Don’t get tied down with cords. Access your control panel wirelessly from the comfort of your home. The built-in webserver works with any web browser from any device, making programming and adjustments a breeze.

Vibrant color

Each 75W LED cluster features four independently-programmable LED color channels, including full spectrum white, blue, royal blue, and a combined channel of UV-LED/Violet. Each channel is capable of 0-100% dimming.

LED Powermodule Underside
controller box

Easy to use

Setup is a snap. Pick your T5 bulb configuration, connect the power cables, and you’re ready to begin programming your lighting.

Less stress

While LEDs create brilliant color, T5 lighting is very forgiving – so there is far less stress getting just the right amount of light for your reef
German made

German design & engineering

Made in Germany with USA support when purchased through an authorized ATI North American reseller.



1 year warranty summary.
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Item #Description# LED Clusters# T5 BulbsCapacity
ATI260124" 1x75W LED & 4x24W T5 LED-Powermodule*1440-70 gallons
ATI260324" 1x75W LED & 8x24W T5 LED-Powermodule*1870-110 gallons
ATI260536" 2x75W LED & 4x39W T5 LED-Powermodule2480-120 gallons
ATI260736" 2x75W LED & 8x39W T5 LED-Powermodule28120-180 gallons
ATI260948" 3x75W LED & 4x54W T5 LED-Powermodule 34110-180 gallons
ATI261148" 3x75W LED & 8x54W T5 LED-Powermodule 38160-250 gallons
ATI261360" 4x75W LED & 4x80W T5 LED-Powermodule**44160-250 gallons
ATI261560" 4x75W LED & 8x80W T5 LED-Powermodule**48240-380 gallons

In the box

ATI LED Powermodule LED/T5 hybrid fixture

6 foot power cord

Adjustable ‘grip-lock’ style hanging kit

Control box with WiFi antenna

Quick Start Guide

Get the best performance out of the LED Powermodule with ATI T5 bulbs.