SunPower T5 fixture


T5 fixture for proven coral growth and coloration

SunPower PAR

Time-tested, proven results

With nearly 10 years of proven results, the ATI SunPower is used worldwide. When used with ATI T5 bulbs, produces significantly more light than most other equally-sized T5 fixtures.

Light spread

The SunPower produces an even blanket of light that bathes the entire tank in light, producing far fewer shadows and little-to-no hot spots. T5 lighting is uniform and intense, filling caves and overhangs and providing corals in darker areas of the tank the light they need to thrive.
T5 Light Spread 48"x24"
Dimmable SunPower active cooling system illustration

Active cooling system

The active cooling system allows bulbs to run at more optimal temperature, improving both bulb output and bulb life.

98% reflective miro-silver

98% reflective miro-silver, bent parabolic reflectors direct the light where you need it most, on your corals.


Simple and safe to use

Insert T5 bulbs that best suit your needs and plug it in. Almost any ATI bulb combination will effectively grow coral. Since T5s are not a point-source of light like with LEDs, there’s no need to worry about adjusting different color channels. The result is significantly less risk of burning corals.

Comparable efficiency

While LEDs have a great reputation for efficiency, most people don’t realize that tanks switching from LED to T5 use a comparable amount of power. The results speak for themselves.
SunPower efficiency
SunPower wiring

Independent control

The SunPower features independent lighting control. Two bulbs are wired on one power cord, with the remaining bulbs wired on a second power cord. This also allows for dawn/dusk simulation.

Uniform light spectrum & output

The SunPower produces a beautifully blended color spectrum, creating uniform light and color throughout the tank. A non-diffused LED fixture, on the other hand, produces district bands of colors resulting in uneven light and color throughout the tank.*

light on sand

Goodbye 'disco ball effect.'

LED disco ball effect
T5 blended lighting

The SunPower uses T5 high-output fluorescent bulbs that are available in a variety of colors that, when combined, allow you to achieve a unique color to suits your aquatic life and personal preferences. These bulbs produce a blended spectrum directly over your tank. Whereas, many non-diffused LED fixtures* utilize various points of individually colored lights. When these lights radiate over your tank and hit the flowing water below, you may see what is commonly known as a ‘disco ball’ effect of colored lights and shadows moving over the coral and sand below.

* The use of LED light diffusers, like those found on the ATI Straton LED, will help produce a more uniform light spectrum and minimize the disco ball effect.

** These images are intended to represent the indicated lighting and are not actual tank setups.

plug & play

Plug & Play

Install bulbs. Apply power. Grow!


Even after factoring in the cost of switching bulbs once a year, the three year total cost is comparable to LED systems.

German made

German design & engineering

Made in Germany with USA support when purchased through an authorized ATI North American reseller.



1 year warranty summary.
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Item #Description# BulbsLengthWidthHeightCapacity
ATI300324" ATI SunPower 6x24W 623.1 in.13.4 in.2.1 in.40-70 gallons
ATI300424" ATI SunPower 8x24W 823.1 in.17.5 in.2.1 in.50-100 gallons
ATI300736" ATI SunPower 6x39W 635.0 in.13.4 in.2.1 in.60-120 gallons
ATI300836" ATI SunPower 8x39W835.0 in.17.5 in.2.1 in.80-160 gallons
ATI301148" ATI SunPower 6x54W 647.0 in.13.4 in.2.1 in.80-160 gallons
ATI301248" ATI SunPower 8x54W 847.0 in.17.5 in.2.1 in.110-220 gallons
ATI301560" ATI SunPower 6x80W 658.5 in.13.4 in.2.1 in.120-240 gallons
ATI301760" ATI SunPower 8x80W 858.5 in.17.5 in.2.1 in.160-320 gallons

In the box

ATI SunPower T5 fixture

AC/DC adapter for fans

Adjustable ‘grip-lock’ style hanging kit

Get the best performance out of the SunPower with ATI T5 bulbs.