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Frequently Asked Questions: ATI Labs ICP-OES Water Analysis:

ICP-OES testing is the best way to get reliable, accurate, and detailed reporting of your aquarium’s water quality. Not only is ICP-OES extremely accurate, but it also tests for elements that we simply cannot measure with our hobby test kits. This test also allows you to test your RO/DI water in addition to your display tank water with no added cost. ICP-OES testing can alert you to a dangerous trend in your water quality before it can cause a significant problem.

You can see what parameters the ICP-OES testing will reveal when you visit ATI Aquaristik’s website.

We recommend conducting an ICP-OES test every 2-3 months in addition to consistently testing the basics on your own. We also suggest running an ICP-OES test if you are trying to diagnose a problem with your system.

Once your samples arrive at our processing facility, most users can view their results within one week.

The ATI ICP-OES testing sets itself apart by offering swift turnaround times and including RO/DI water testing with the submission of your saltwater sample.

A prepaid shipping label will be included with purchasing the ATI ICP-OES Test Kit for the U.S. market. If you need an even faster turnaround time, you can also ship your samples directly to the following address in Germany. 

ATI Aquaristik
59071 HAMM

Please note that this option is not covered by the included shipping label and will need to be paid out of pocket.

It is not possible to send samples from multiple aquariums using one test kit. This will result in inconsistent results and you will not be certain which sample corresponds to which readings.

Yes, you can submit a sample from your freshwater aquarium, but please leave a note with your vials explaining your situation and what you are looking for. Our ICP-OES Machines are specifically calibrated for seawater.

If you use the included prepaid shipping label or ship it to our California facility, you can ignore the pop-up message as no customs form is needed. If you are shipping directly to Germany, a customs form as described in the pop-up is required.

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