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Frequently Asked Questions: ATI Nutrition

ATI Nutrition is a nutrient-focused system that provides essential elements for your corals, sponges, and microorganisms. This product allows reefers to balance their nutrient levels to create a healthier environment more conducive to coral growth. The three parts of these systems are called C, N, and P, each of which stands for a different important nutrient (Carbon, Nitrate, and Phosphate).

Nutrient balance is one of the essential aspects of creating a thriving reef tank capable of accelerated coral growth. ATI Nutrition will ensure that your Carbon, Nitrate, and Phosphate levels are at the absolute ideal levels.

The reef aquarium nutrients of Nitrate and Phosphate are essential for coral health and growth. That said, too much of either of these elements can lead to a nutrient bloom that can cause excessive algae, poor coral growth and coloration, and in severe cases, even death.

Each of the ATI Nutrition bottles is designed to help raise the levels of a particular element while still being in balance with the rest of the ecosystem. Each bottle will be dosed at a specific amount to ensure that nutrient balance remains in equilibrium.

Visit this link for basic dosing principles and information.

The dosage amount for each bottle will depend on your individual aquarium. That said, you can determine your exact dosing needs by using our Online Calculator.

Yes, this is compatible with all standard reef aquarium dosing regiments and it was specifically designed to be used in combination with ATI Essentials Pro.

ATI Nutrition is quickly and easily consumed by corals. The goal is not to raise the tested value but to provide nutrition directly to the corals.

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