Labs ICP Testing

Labs ICP-OES Water Analysis

Scientific testing for a complete picture of aquarium health

Ion Chromatography

More than just ICP

High-end Spectro Arcos ICP-OES machine testing + an Ion chromatography machine for nitrate and fluorine + a titrator for alkalinity. Salinity is also double-checked using a high-precision conductivity meter.

Comprehensive testing

Tank water checked for 40+ parameters, including major and minor elements and pollutants. Also tests RO water to ensure that systems are set up to succeed and any possible issues are identified early on.
labs screen
ICP machine

PhD-reviewed results

PhD scientists review each test that is sent to the lab and provide personalized, detailed prescriptions for any necessary chemistry adjustments. Photos can be uploaded, livestock and equipment documented providing a clear picture of your systems demands for even more accurate advice.

Free shipping & fast turnaround

Using the included shipping label, get results in 1-2 weeks from our lab in Germany. Just don’t forget to register your serial number before shipping your test!

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Real customers. Real results.

Check out our ATI Labs public tanks to view real-world water analysis.

The ATI Difference

Check RO Water
All Major Elements
Trace Elements
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Online Results

Accurate, comprehensive testing is just a click away.

Comprehensive aquarium water care

Essentials Pro 1 and 2

Essentials Pro

Comprehensive dosing system helps minimize water changes



High purity elemental supplements


System-independent, natural nutrient management

DP6 Dosing Pump

6 channel dosing pump to automate your dosing needs