ATI Nutrition

System-independent nutrient management


Control nutrients naturally

Nitrate and Phosphate frequently get out of balance and the results are high levels of one and none of the other. Instead of only trying to absorb them, counteract this imbalance by dosing the necessary nutrient your reef craves with ATI Nutrition N and ATI Nutrition P.

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Drive growth

Too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. If Nitrate and/or Phosphate get too high, it can lead to slow growth, poor coloration, and in extreme cases, coral death. Reduce excess levels of nitrate and phosphate with ATI Nutrition C which will promote the growth of bacteria that will naturally consume these excess nutrients.
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Scientific control, simple dosing

Not sure what to do to get the proper building blocks your corals need? Simply use our online calculator to determine which ATI Nutrition products to use to ensure proper levels of these nutrients for growth.

Smart nutrient management

ATI Nutrition simplifies your nutrient management. No need for media reactors, GFO, fancy ceramic blocks or pellets. Keep algae, cyano and diatoms at bay while allowing your corals to thrive.


Independent system

Compatible for use with a wide variety of dosing systems including traditional 2-part (alkalinity + calcium), individual supplements and many other dosing regimens. Works great with ATI Essentials Pro – or any dosing system you prefer.

Basic dosing principles – What to dose


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1/2 of N

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Comprehensive aquarium water care

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Essentials Pro 1 and 2

Essentials Pro

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High purity elemental supplements

DP6 Dosing Pump

6 channel dosing pump to automate your dosing needs